KOMBE:Kenyan politicians should allow Kenyans to vote their preffered leaders of choice

Protesters in Likoni neighborhood in the aftermath of the April party primaries /WELDON KEMBOI

As the country heads towards the transition period, politicians have a crucial role to play as far as the future of the nation is concerned.

The state is now in its final stage of producing leaders who will impact the country either positively or negatively.

Kenya has had a quite good historical record in the face of the world serving as a good example to the rest of the world states.

It is my belief that everyone is anxiously waiting to see a peaceful transition where every Kenyan will exercise his/ her constitutional right in choosing leaders of their choice.

It makes no sense for these politicians to make a choice for the  over 40 million Kenyans and the transition will determine how mature the nation is as far as politics is concerned.

I would like to share a few anecdotes to the Kenyan politician, he/she must understand that the Kenyan constitution gives space to every Kenyan to exercise his/her political right to choose and elect leaders of their choice.

Long are the days gone when politicians used to push their agenda to the common man.

Secondly, politicians must understand that the fairness of any elections in any world state depends entirely on the prime participants who in this case are the politicians.

Before I pen down my article, I have a piece of advice to the Kenyan voter, why should someone push his/her agenda to you?

I believe every Kenyan knows his/her right and no one should be forced to a drinking well out of his/her will.

According to chapter four article 19 of the Kenyan constitution, there is an elaborate article commonly referred to as the Bill of rights which forms an integral part of Kenya’s democratic state lays out  a vivid framework for social, economic and cultural policies to be exercised in accordance to the constitution.

Section 2 of the same article states that the bill recognizes and protects human rights and fundamental freedoms in preserving the dignity of individuals and communities and promoting social justice and the realization of the potential of all human beings.

Section 3 of the same artilce states that the rights and fundamental freedoms in the Bill of rights belong to each individual and are not granted by the state or whatsoever.

Finally Kenyans have a written proof backed by the Kenyan law and everyone ought to embrace it regardless of political or societal class.