Kingi and Kambi clash over six piece voting system

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi PHOTO:FILE

Kilifi,KENYA:Incumbent governor Amason Kingi and Kadu Asili gubernatorial aspirant Kazungu Kambi clashed in their votes hunting as both advocate for six and five piece voting in the August polls.

Kingi said Kambi and his team have failed to identify their presidential candidate saying it’s a sign of incompetence as development in the counties is attached to the national government.

Speaking during his campaigns on Thursday where he visited Mwarakaya, Chasimba and Junju wards, Kingi urged residents of Kilifi to embrace the six piece voting and let go of Kambi’s Kadu Asili and Mung’aro’s Jubilee.

“I think this time every aspirant will come here and preach the goodies of his/her political party where they have performed or not, it’s upon you to decide,” said Kingi.

“Who does not know that Kambi has not been loyal to Kadu Asili? In 2013 he was in the forefront to abuse the party which then was led by Gunga Mwinga, but today he is using it? It a reality that he has the urge and potential for development of this County?” Kingi, reiterated.

He called upon the residents to vote for NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga saying he is the eligible candidate to salvage the sinking boat of Kenya, economically, socially and economically.

“My urge to you (People of Kilifi), vote NASA and you will reap the fruits thereafter. Where jubilee has taken this country can make anyone cry, and we cannot afford to let it in for another five years,” he said.

However Kaungu Kambi slammed Kingi for failing to prioritize women and youths’ empowerment as earlier promised.

He said it’s a shame the youths and women keep on hustling to get paid if given tenders hence failing them to prosper.

“How many times have seen contractors and suppliers cry foul over delayed payments which take up to six months? How do one develop or prosper in such a condition? We have seen projects stall while there are some contractors paid up front and projects stall thereafter like those in Magarini he saw for himself during his tour but nothing has been done so far in regard to the projects. My urge to you is to vote for Kadu Asili in all five slots,” Kambi said.