Kenyans are good when it comes to ironical democracy

An illustration of vote buying by political cartoonist Matador COURTESY

It has come to my notice that Kenyans are the best  ironical democrats that the world has ever had and I personally have some reasons to back my statements.

First and foremost, Kenyans have a tendency of electing leaders who grease their palms.

This is because during the electioneering year, Kenyans try to make ends meet by getting in touch with politicians aspiring to seize political positions with selfish gains.

During this period, a certain group of Kenyans rely on these leaders to fend for their lives and fail to practice the democracy required to propel the country towards prosperity.

Secondly, some Kenyans have a tendency of relying so much on the arguments of politicians during campaign rallies and once again fail to perceive the real meaning of political campaigns.

What these people ought to learn about campaign rallies is that it is only for a little while and people should not concentrate so much in them.

These type of Kenyans should understand the real meaning of a democratic society where everyone is free to share their ideas to everyone regardless the political affiliations.

Thirdly Kenyans should understand that democracy is all about governance and nothing else and that when it comes to politics leaders should fully submit themselves to the common man.

According to the Democratic Index 2016, published by Economist Intelligence Unit in the UK, Norway leads the list of the most democratic countries in the world with a 9.93 per cent,  Iceland ranking second with 9.5 per cent, Sweden third at 9.39 percent and New Zealand ranking forth at 9.26.

There are several parameters that determine the type of democracy in any given country in the world including electoral process and pluralism, functioning of a respective governments, political participation, political culture and civil liberties.

Kenyans ought to learn from the perfect world democracies and not just claim to be democratic without even practicing the real democracy.

We can be the best democratic country in the world only if we put into consideration all the indicators of a perfect democratic country.