KOMBE: Lessons from Joho’s academic saga


Mombasa,KENYA:As a concerned Kenyan, am greatly disturbed with everything that has been unfolding in the political journey of the Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

On Tuesday this week, Joho equally amazed if not inspiring the young generation after he openly admitted that the grade he scored during the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) resulted from the toil and moil during his academic years.

His declaration over his academic endeavors has sparked a huge debate on social media over the past few days.

Frankly speaking, how many  Kenyans have the guts to do what the governor has done?

Being the first governor in the history of the nation to publicly declare his academic achievement and a high ranked official, Kenyans especially the young need to learn a few lessons.

The governor acknowledged that at one time he worked as a loader who was required to fend for the family and imagine  from loading and off-loading cargo, to being an outstanding figure in the chronological history of the nation.

What has is inspiring  is the way Joho has wrapped his political mileage and what I believe is that everybody has his own way of sketching his/her historical background of which dozens of Kenyans will agree him.

His declaration has come at a time when public servants need to clean themselves before the public eye  so that they can be re-elected in the August elections.

I  have a few questions specifically reserved for the young  generation in our society.

To begin with, how many Kenyan politicians in the past epochs and in the present regime have attempted what the governor did?

Again, how many Kenyan politicians have questionable  degrees and still brand themselves government officials  claiming to  have the interest of Kenyans at heart?

Further still, how many civil servants have rusty, unworthy and  questionable academic credentials which make them unfit for government slots?

There are just a few questions that every Kenyan should ask themselves and as good citizens of this great country, we should learn to appreciate what others do regardless of their social classes.

Secondly Joho’s public declaration of his not so good academic grades should act as an eye opener to the ministry of Education to change the Kenyan education system so that it can accommodate those pupils who are poor in academics.

The current education system in Kenya has marginalized those pupils who perform poorly in class and  they often always feel hopeless in class and often end up failing in life, because the Kenyan education system has defined success  in life based on academic excellence.

This should also act as an encouragement to those who feel like failures in life just because they performed poorly in class;it is never too late to pursue your dreams.


Wherever you are right now just ignore the result on that piece of paper and work on your dreams as if you have been given a 2nd chance.

However i am not encouraging those who are schooling to relax in class, no , we cannot undermine the value of education in our society,as it is the key to a better future .

Take a look at Professor Anyang Nyongo, PLO Lumumba,  James Orengo and  Dr. Alfred Mutua aren’t they successful personalities in the public domain? What do they have in common? To the schooling generation , whether in campus or in high school ,please put lot of effort in acquiring good education as that’s the only way we can be assured of innovations in all sectors in our Kenyan economy.