University lecturers threaten another strike over unfulfilled government pledges

Uasu chairman Constantin(L) Wasonga during a past strike PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:University Lecturers under the umbrella of University Academic Staff Union(UASU) have threatened to go back on strike if the government fails to adhere by its agreement signed earlier.

UASU chairman Constatine Wasonga, stated on Friday that the 10 billion shillings they were promised by the government in the 2013-2017 CBA  has not been fulfilled, angering the university teaching fraternity.

“The collective Bargaining Agreement we signed three months ago has not been honored by the government, this leaves us with no other option but calling a strike in the next 24 hours,“said Wasonga.

Wasonga added that the government and the University Council do not seem to care for the student welfare thus crippling the university’s academic schedule.

Following this move, University Staff members have been urged to brace themselves for the mother of all strikes starting Monday next week, if the agreement is not honored.

The union wants the government and the university councils to honor the 2013 -2017 collective bargaining agreement.