Senator Omar threatens to cover NASA’s billboards with his

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar at a past media briefing PHOTO:FILE

Mombasa,KENYA:Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has threatened to place his billboards on NASA’s billboards following accusations on the on the county government that it is sabotaging some aspirants billboards.

Speaking to the press on Thursday at his senatorial offices located in Kizingo the vocal senator said he will present formal complaints to the Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC on claims that the Mombasa County government is denying some politicians a public platform as the country heads towards the august polls and if that does not work out he would cover NASA’s billboards with his .

“There are claims that the county government is denying some politicians a platform on the public face. This is infringing on the rights of some of the politicians.” He said.

He added that the overall leadership of the county government has been breaching the code of conduct governing free and fair elections and stressed that it has been steaming through social media that some politicians are being denied an opportunity in public platforms.

He expressed his disbelief that despite the fact that Mombasa is an urban city there exists a character that undermines the rights of the majority and said that some of the advertising companies have been threatened by the county if some billboards belonging to rival politicians are seen on public places.

“I believe the county is breaching some of the essential code of conduct towards free and fair elections. Some of those advertising agencies have been threatened by the county government and I must say that I will stand up with them.” He said.

He however said he will stand together with advertising companies following threats that they have received from the county government and urged them to press on without fear or favor.

Earlier in the week several aspirants among them Senator Omar accused the county government of sabotaging their billboards.However the county government later distanced itself from the accusations saying that advertising in the county was a private run affair .