Gubernatorial aspirant pledges to improve agriculture in Kilifi

Kilifi county independent gubernatorial candidate James Mangi PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi,KENYA:Kilifi County independent gubernatorial candidate James Mangi has said he will ensure Kilifi produces in excess of one million sacks of maize annually if elected in the August 8 polls.

The former Coast Development Authority managing director said on Sunday that he will use the rivers and dams to store water for irrigation.

He said farmers will be given for free seeds, fertilizers and tractors for their farm activities during his tenure.

Speaking during the launch of his manifesto at the Kilifi water grounds, Mangi said the program will eradicate the hunger and poverty lingering in the County.

“I am not convinced that Kilifi is ever in the media on issues of poverty and hunger,” said Mangi.

“We have many natural resources which should we utilize them then hunger and poverty would be something of the past. We have rivers and if we construct dams we can use the water for irrigation. And giving our farmers the required resources such as seeds, fertilizers and tractors, we will reach our destination,” the former director said.

In his manifesto, Mangi also highlighted that he is set to start up, a free education system from ECD to University levels.

He said the system is aimed at ensuring every resident within the schooling age gets quality education for a beeter and strong foundation in Kilifi.

“Kilifi has also been ever in the lime light on matters of poor education standards,” Mangi added.

“Why this? The answer is poor mechanism for education by the leaders in power. I will ensure education is free from Nursery to University level so that everyone in the education bracket gets it,” he said.

Mangi is set to battle the race with incumbent governor Amason Kingi, Jubilee gubernatorial candidate Gideon Mung’aro and former labor Cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi.