Owade:Four strategies to overcome stress

4 ways to overcome stress PHOTO FILE

Sometimes you think about your tomorrow and the hardships you are passing through and you realize it has gotten to a point you feel like all hope is gone.

The struggles, troubles, heartbreaks and sorrows you pass through sometimes live you wondering if God really exists.

It reaches an extent where you start cursing people and things, you not being free with your relations. You feel frustrated and worn out. Nothing is interesting no more. We all have been there haven’t we?

Hey, do you know you can restore your hope and make yourself better by doing some of these four things ;

4.Think clearly

Things might not be going on well for you at these times but how can you be certain that in future your life will not improve? The answer is you cannot know, “You have to survive in order to see that daydream. “You are assuming the worst outcome but you should also consider the fact that you may not be thinking clearly. Build a habit of thinking clearly and your heart and mind will be free.

5. Family

The greatest and most wonderful drive comes from family. The hope you have lost will re-build when you remember your family’s situation. What is it you would like to change about their situation? How do you want to ensure there happiness? All this should drive you, motivate you into having hope and viewing life from a different perspective

3. Share

Be the type of person who has one trusted friend whom you can share your troubles and problems with. This act of sharing plays a big role in making your heart relieved and offloads all your worries away. You will even be surprised that it’s not only you with a problem but also your friend too. In many cases, you find other people’s problems bigger than yours and this motivates you upon seeing how they handle their problem.

4. Control

Letting your emotions get the better part of you is not right. Stand firm and things will be just straight. Take control of your life and you will not find yourself troubled and losing hope easily. Do not let life control you that would be a stepping stone to your worries.

Let’s achieve those dreams that we see to be tough and stay input for a better tomorrow.