The CCTV:Annoying characters in Matatu’s

Passengers in a Matatu PHOTO COURTESY

Riding a long distance in a PSV can be very frustrating at times. You know… the earth is not only for the civilized. Yes, we all have different characters, in so many different levels that set us off or inspire us to copy.

Explaining to someone what they do is wrong and that there is a manner in which they can or should do it might seem a little bit maringo for those whose brains think correction from a lady ni uslay queen.

Here are five nasty and annoying people in PSV’s even the men hate.

  1. The overload

Sitting next to these people can be very uncomfortable especially when they clearly understand where the problem is and they sit on without a care about what their flabby back side of the arm is putting you through.

This is when you realize your shoulder is soaked and saturated with their sweat and cologne smell. EEEW!

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Trying to adjust yourself is always your first warning to them but somehow their brain cells don’t translate the message for them. So then you continuously wiggle your whole body pretending to adjust your seatbelt over and over again just so that they move but, brain cells are still not working. And this is when you either speak out or wiggle your way to your destination.

  1. The neck smellers

How annoying! Sitting patiently waiting to reach your destination safely after a sweaty, stinky scramble to get a ride home and then the human heater comes on. Your side eye sees an extreme close up of a human face, breathing on your neck with their arms folded on top of your seat. Worse if they breathe with their mouth open and there it is. The dehydrated, tonsil, sore throat, dry mouth smell you know.


3.The CCTV

This is the person you don’t want to sit next to when you are engaging in some… you know what, with your loving. (where were some people raised though? by who?)

They shamelessly turn their heads to check out your phone and worse of all keep on gazing even after you let them know that you noticed.

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You also never want to lose your pocket change in your staffed bag because then that means you have to open it wide and burrow deep revealing personal stuff, no one is supposed to see.

  1. The loud

What happened to phone etiquette? No one else needs to know when your next flight is and where you drank shots of tequila last night. I mean, why the hell should we all care?

You probably have heard weird and show-off convos that left you smirking and throwing silent shade wondering how unashamed people can be to let other people get the jist they have for their fellows on the other side of the line.

One time I overheard a lady speak arrogantly and then friendly to her who I think was her “frenemy”  about how the frenemy never got her back in securing a job opportunity back then and that now she is at a better place earning more money than him blah blah blah!

And that turned several heads wanting to know the face that belonged to that voice.

  1. The touchy-touchy

There is nothing as uncomfortable as sitting in front or beside someone who just controls his/her hands.

Well, oops! one may accidentally touch you, but the third time doesn’t count as an accident.

There are those that would scratch your neck and give you soft punches at the back of your head and you are infuriated and you are thinking maybe the next time they do it, you turn and give them one firm punch on their nose followed by a fierce look. But then you end up giving them warning faces and side eyes until the end of your journey.