Low self esteem killing your academic potential softly

Photo of an empty classroom./COURTESY

A few hours before writing this, I was reminiscing how my journey through primary school was for me back then. A long one that was filled with negativity and self doubt.

How many times have you held back an idea, answer or a solution in fear that you might seem dumb in front of “geniuses” or maybe because you are unsure of yourself?

Low self esteem in class kills your academic potential softly and I think it murdered mine but good lord! a popular chorus “K.C.P.E is almost here, usifanye mchezo!” led to my revival as well as the big countdown that my peers did every morning on the chalkboard, which was just nerve wracking and irritating, leaving me wondering ” how could they be so excited?!”

Killing yourself softly in class starts with students like me who would rarely pose a question in class, but again, someone always saved me from that mental torture of imagining a lesson end without knowing the answer to my unanswered questions or not having a clue of how a “simple” math PROBLEM could be solved.

Sometimes, we tend to downgrade ourselves by upgrading others and keep thinking that it’s just not our thing.

Often times in life we fail, not that we are not meant for it, but maybe it’s just because we do it wrong somewhere.

We think that those who make it are geniuses and deserve to be top in class…well, they truly deserve it but so do you.

A lot of other students face this similar situation every day. Little do they know that they are an avalanche that would eventually fall… I mean fail.

Realize that you are special in your own different ways and stop having those unrealistic dreams of an easy way out to achieve grades you do not rightfully deserve.

Your attitude could kill your potential in class much more than other extrinsic factors. Kill that attitude and be your own hero today.