Kingi urges government to lower food prices

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi PHOTO FILE

Kilifi,KENYA: Kilifi governor Amason Kingi has called for emergence intervention by the national government on the hiked prices of Maize flour and sugar in the country.

Kingi said on Tuesday that  rural areas of Kilifi county have already begun experiencing the high cost of living with a two kilograms packet of maize flour going for almost sh 200.

Speaking in Ndugumnani, in the outskirts of Vitengeni, Sokoke ward during a public baraza, the governor questioned the national government’s commitment to the lives of Kenyans.

He said it is high time that the president and his government do something  to curb the ongoing situation.

“It is unfortunate that the cost of living is hiking day in day out in Kenya,” Kingi said.

“We have always been taking chapatti during ceremonies such as Christmas and new year because wheat flour has ever been on the higher side than maize flour, but we are shocked and disappointed to see it turning the opposite. I think it’s time the president and his government do something immediately to save the salvage the situation,” he added.

Kingi accused the national government of giving a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of Kenyans  while carrying  on with their campaigns.

“How do you convince the hungry people to vote for you yet you do not want to listen to them? This is ridiculous,” Kingi slammed the national government for allowing the situation to reach this point of almost no return.

Currently the price of maize flour in Kilifi is between sh 170 and 200 whereas that of sugar is almost sh 300. And wheat flour ranging at sh  115 and 120.

This has caused residents to go without food due to the high prices.