Babu Kombe: Cool kid syndrome tarnishes men’s public figure!



There is certain breed of men, this classical breed of men that brands itself a“Superior race” and in one time or the other such men will be heard saying“Mimi ndio mimi” translated in English as “I am myself.”

And sometimes you may overhear them saying “No man can beat me  out of this game” a Kiswahili version of the same meaning “hakuna mtu anayeweza kunitoa kwenya game”

Two days ago I visited a friend of mine who resides in one of the lavish outskirts of Mombasa you can guess the place because I will not assist you in any way (name withheld for security reasons.)

He almost made me feel ashamed by his “kuzaliwa na kulelewa mjini behaviour.”

I have a very simple arithmetic here for you, before I get to the real issue “what is one plus one?– the right answer would be two configured as (2) and not eleven as some may say and this the simplest concept  I want to drive into your brain.

Back to my friend – I must admit that this good “rafiki” of mine whom I will literally call X in this context.

How do you feel when someone tells you “Jamani wewe umewahi kuenda klasi?”translated in English as “Oh my! did you really attend formal lessons.”

Let me admit to Mr. X that such words sounds nasty and infact make someone feel fifty million miles down the earth.

Countless people out there are fed up with this inbuilt syndrome of “We are the sweepers of the playground “ translated in Kiswahili as  Sisi ndio tunaofagia uwanja wa mpira (paradoxical)

A few lessons for Mr. X

To begin with, Mr.X should learn to auger well with other men and learn the simple basics of life including sentiments like “We are all human beings” translated as “Sisi sote ni wanadamu.”

Secondly, he should learn to appreciate his fellow men, the status they hold in the contemporary society taking into consideration the fact that everybody is somebody.

Once again my friend  should understand that every body is unique and perfectly made “Mungu alichukua muda wake kumuumba kila mmoja” an english translation of the same “God took his precious time creating every one.”

And finally Mr. X once again should understand that we depend on each other as we all live in an interdependent world.