TAMA: We are all to blame for the garbage menace in Mombasa!


We like our homes neat and clean but when it comes to complaining how dirty Mombasa is, we are the loudest yet we are chief contributors to the problem and this county is our home!

Yes it’s true! Don’t act shocked, deep down you agree  with me on this. Our city gets dirty each day and we keep blaming the County Inspectorate officers saying they are sleeping on their jobs; well I thought keeping the city clean is part of our social responsibility? Or is it not? Enlighten me.

Just the other day I was at the bus stop and there was a lady standing next to me. Let’s call her Linda; she was eating a banana and trust me she had the audacity to drop the peel down on the ground right before my eyes!

I approached her just to feed my curiosity.

ME: Hello young lady? Why did you drop the banana peel over there?

LINDA: Excuse you?? Are you the city council or what?!

The conversation ended with a sneer that nearly left me dead! (well that is if “they” had powers to kill)

Truth be told most of you have habits similar to Linda’s. Yes I know that somebody is paid to do the job of keeping the city clean, but just like your house you have a responsibility to keep the county clean.

We don’t expect the Inspectorate guys to clean up dirt that has been intentionally dropped. it is our responsibility to drop them at the trash bins, we should practice and teach our children, family and friends to do so.

Another disturbing habit, is men using the streets as their urinal!! Don’t even get me started on this! A topic for another day I guess. As for now, let me just say nobody wants to see your goods advertised all over the streets.

Remember change begins with you and me. If we strive to keep our environment clean; our city  will have more tourists flocking in not just for the historical sites, but to breathe in the fresh air and admire how clean and beautiful our city is.