Branice:Fighting Njaanuary with ‘kdf’


January is just a month like any other but the predecessor brother of festive December  characterized be reckless squander makes it one of the most dreaded months of the year.

The term Njaanuary or hunger January was coined to refer to the month owing to the poor availability of anything monetary.

It’s a month when students are resuming to school just when the terms January and money are hardly compatible in a sentence.

Well interestingly comrades who rarely concede to defeat in life hacking matters have invented a way to deal with the “njaa” in njaanuary.

‘KDF’ becomes a common term in Njaanuary and the term has nothing to do with the men and women in jungle wear.

The initials are coined from the Kikuyu words”kidathi kinene fieu” which literally means meaning a big chunk of mandazi .

Well now you have a clue on the meaning of the social media term that has been dominating pages for the past few weeks.

Researchers even think that a ‘kdf’ vending business along university entrances and halls of residence would pick up very well in January.

Those who coined the phrase say the ‘kdf’ is an instant hunger fighter well just like our able defense forces especially in such a season when pockets are dry .

Two students were once overheard praising the ‘kdf’ saying, “We choose it since its friendly to our pockets “. It’s cheap hence everyone can afford it .The best thing about it is you can simply take it with any beverage be it tea, juice , milk or yogurt and many more .

Do not sit and let the biting hunger keep on hunting you grab yourself a ‘kdf’