KANOTHA: Kenyan Celebrities adopt most Bizarre stunts for publicity

Fans were left in shock after Khaligraph Jones makes grand entrance in a coffin. PHOTO: COURTESY.

All across the world, Local and international celebrities have made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

We have seen celebrities who are willing to climb to the peak of their career by doing what is termed as the most daring and bizarre controversial stunts just to get noticed.In the world of Hip hop,likes of Snoop Dog,Lil Wayne,Kanye west and Rick Ross have set a new record in their recent performances.

Back her at home we have our very own celebrities who have mastered the art and are really cashing in from this.

CMBs’ Prezzo has been in the music game longer than I can remember, he will be remembered as one of the most wild celebrities in Kenya. From his relationship with Sheila Mwanyigha to his divorce with Daisy Kiplagat and his beef with Jaguar; Prezzo has always found a way to stay on top.

Recently, he’s had a beef with Moustapha who claimed that his game in bed is better than Prezzo’s thus explaining why girls have been breaking up with Prezzo and hooking up with him.

Bisexual rapper Noti Flow, however, made an anticipated move and marked her territory(Prezzo) by warning ladies to stay off her man. Before prezzo,Noti Flow was dating Moustapha but broke up with him. However, all this seemed like to a well-laid out controversy by the two to get their showbiz ratings up.

Gospel songwriter Bahati came out last year accusing Daddy Owen of taking advantage of Denno’s state to swindle him cash from their hit song Mbona. Most people saw Bahati’s move as that of a good brother coming to the rescue of one of his own; though some were sceptical and true, less than a month later they released a song together.

Again 2015 he accused his Willy Paul of stealing a song from him.Earlier in the year, Bahati posted a message on social media saying that this year’s Groove Male Artiste of the Year category should be a battle between Sauti Sol and Nyashinski after they released Kuliko Jana and Mungu Pekee respectively. Sauti Sol’s Bien called him out terming the move childish and accusing Bahati of making music to win awards something they (Sauti Sol) don’t.

Just before he got married to Diana, Bahati was rumored to have had a baby with Yvette Obura, which were proven to be true in an exposé by an entertainment newspaper, apparently he had taken the baby for a normal day out with Diana and took photos introducing the baby to the world, a move that did not go down well with Yvette.

With the controversy surrounding his life, Bahati has always attracted sympathy from fans and it always seem to propel his career.

In October this year, Eric Omondi and Khaligraph had a beef just before it came out that that they were doing this to increase numbers before the launching of Olla – a new social networking application in which they were participating.

Eric claimed that Khaligraph was flossing with a Range Rover that belonged to a sugar mummy. Khaligraph went ahead to insult and accuse Eric, even going ahead to say that he had hooked him with the first gig ever where he was paid Sh25,000. This turned to be the fake diss of the year.

Recently at Uhuru Gardens where the annual Jameson Connects Kenya 2017 Experience concert was going down, thousands of showbiz fans who showed up at the venue could not believe their eyes as Khaligraph jones stretched out of the wooden casket like a resurrected man.

As this wave of uncertainty reigned, Khaligraph commanded the stage with his Mazishi track, a controversial 2016 release that has the rapper dissing other artistes as he depicts their “death”. Most of the video was acted at a graveyard.

This long list goes on and on…