MABRUK: Celebrating Melanin; the despised gem


Sauti Sol’s new song ”melanin” featuring Patoranking has taken Africa by storm.

The song is every African, ladies take  pride in it since it glorifies beautiful African ladies with their skin tones which are rich in melanin. Below are some of the lines from the hit song.

“In my life, I’ve never seen melanin so dark.”

“Girl am waiting on you even if them hating on you”

“I think I saw you in a magazine or maybe on TV lakini up-close we ni queen, you are a queen.”

This song comes at the right time as the current notion is that light skin “yellow yellow” is what is beautiful which has attributed to many African ladies spending hundreds of thousand of shillings on what they like to call skin lightening.

For the low income ones, they go in search of cheap bleaching creams to give them that fair complexion.

Unfortunately, “the moral police” seems to be having an issue with it.

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Coincidentally, our very own Miss World Kenya 2017 Magline Jeruto came 5th from among 118 participants in the Miss world beauty pageant, taking up the title of Miss World Africa 2017.  This is every reason to celebrate the African flawless melanin rich dark skin which for years has been looked down upon.

“I was cyber-bullied recently. It happened two months ago, when i was crowned Miss World Kenya. I came across some really, really nasty comments. Some people were saying, she’s not beautiful, she is too dark to become Miss Kenya and that we have really beautiful light-skinned ladies who can represent Kenya in the global competition,” Jeruto said.

Melanin is currently number one on YouTube’s trending list.

Netizens were fast to post positive feedback commending them for appreciating African women, with their flawless skin tones with some even saying it should be the song of the year.

Not withstanding, our very own Hollywood celebrity Lupita Nyong’o has also graced the world’s top leading fashion magazine’s cover pages because of her flawless dark skin.

It’s high time young girl’s realize that having melanin is the best thing that could ever happen to African ladies.