IEBC to start nationwide Mass Voters Registration


Mombasa, KENYA: The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) will start a 30 days mass voter’s registration in different places in the country between the months of January and February.

The registration which is supposed to commence on 17th January to 17th February will also reach wanainchi in rural areas.

During the registration period, also IEBC through its officers will provide voter education to Kenyans on the importance of voting exercise and the need of them to elect leaders who have good leadership skills.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Wednesday, IEBC South Coast coordinator Amina Sudi said the commission aims at registering more than 4 million Kenyans.

“For Kenyans to be truly patriotic, they need to come out in large numbers to register as votes and also to participate fully during the general election exercise this year; to vote for the people they wish to be there leaders”. She said.

She also urged Kenyans to be peaceful and law abiding citizens during the coming election.

“Our country is very important and that’s why we need to be peaceful and avoid matters that will divide us”.  said Amina.