Digital reading app upgrades to allow easier access for children

Children reading books through The App has features that allow easier access to books and tracking of children's learning levels./COURTESY

Digital children’s reading App NABU has upgraded to allow easier access and tracking for users.

According to a press statement from, the upgrade has many new features including a redesigned kid-friendly interface that makes it easier for kids to search, find and read their favorite books.

“At NABU we believe that the more children read, the fluent they become, paving the way for them to reach their full potential,” read a statement from NABU.

“They increase their comprehension ability, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. The NABU library currently features 1000’s of fun, multilingual children’s stories including collections in Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, Creole, and English among others,” it continues to read.

The upgrade comes even as the App is about to hit a million downloads in East Africa since its launch in October last year.

Following the upgrade, parents are now able to create separate libraries for multiple users within their household, designing a customized reading experience for each child.

The new features in the upgraded NABU App

This will also allow for parents to accurately track the reading journey for different children.

Browsing and searching for books has been simplified as the library has been localized to fit the nuances of the countries in which the NABU App operates.

“Learners, parents, and teachers alike can browse for books in different categories and identify those that meet each child’s learning level,” said the statement.

The App also has a ‘read offline’ feature that is beneficial for users with limited access to the internet.