Family of 11-month-old baby seeking financial help for treatment in India


A family of an 11-month-old baby is seeking financial help to raise medical funds to take the infant to India for treatment.

The family of Baby Ayan is seeking help in raising seven million shillings needed to take the 11-month-old for a liver transplant in India.

“Baby Ayan was born with a rare liver condition, Biliary Atresia which was diagnosed one month after birth after he had an internal bleeding to the brain. He was admitted and treated at the Coast General teaching and referral Hospital. He had for a corrective surgery (kasai procedure) at 2 months of age which was unsuccessful and now needs an urgent liver transplant,” said the family.

The family says he cannot live with the diseased liver as it is affecting other vital organs and poses other life-threatening conditions.

Baby Ayan is currently under Liver Cirrhosis, Intraparenchymal Bleeding, and Ascites medication.

“The Transplant needs to be done in India and we lack the financial muscles to cater for his treatment. We, the Family of Baby Ayan humbly ask for your financial support towards his Medical Bill,” said the family.

Well-wishers can send their donations to Paybill 8613998, Account no Baby Ayan.