Heavy rainfall to intensify


The heavy rainfall experienced in several parts of the country will continue over the weekend.

According to a heavy rainfall advisory from the Kenya Meteorological Department, the heavy rainfall is expected to intensify to more than 50mm in 24 hours over the Rift Valley, Highlands West and East of the Rift Valley including Nairobi area, Southeast lowlands, Lake Victoria Basin and Off Coast on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April, 2024.

It is likely to reduce on Sunday 28th April 2024.

“The heavy rainfall is likely to be accompanied by gusty winds, large Ocean waves, and strong and southerly winds in the eastern sector,” read the Advisory from the Met Dept.

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The Met Department has advised residents to look out for potential floods, flash floods, and poor visibility.

Water levels in rivers, lakes, and dams are also expected to remain high.

“People living downstream rivers and along seasonal rivers should be careful since water may appear suddenly even though it may not be raining within the area,” read the Advisory.

Also, avoid driving through or walking in moving water or open fields, and do not take any shelter under trees or near grilled windows to minimize exposure to lightning strikes.

“People in landslide-prone areas, especially over the slopes of the Aberdares ranges, Mt. Kenya, western and other hilly areas should be vigilant. Strong winds may blow off roofs, uproot trees, and cause structural damage. Large waves may affect marine activities,” cautioned the Met Dept.