Terror suspect accused of killing police officer in Lamu arrested


Police have arrested a terror suspect accused of brutally murdering a police officer in Lamu County.

According to a DCI tweet, Mustakima Mohammed Ali, was involved in the brutal killings of a police officer and two chiefs in Lamu County in December 2019.

He was flushed out of a Malindi-bound bus in a Sunday afternoon operation by Anti-Terrorism Police augmented by their Special Operations Group (SOG) at the Sabaki Bridge Road block.

Mustakima Ali alias Abu Mahir and his accomplices holed up after the monstrous murders that occurred in December 2019, first hiding within Boni Forest from where they were smoked out by security personnel and disappeared to a neighbouring country, according to DCI.

‘In April 2023, three members of his gang dared a return into the country but were intercepted and arrested along the Isiolo-Moyale highway while heading to Somalia”, it reads.

They were charged at the Kahawa Law Courts and their case is ongoing.

Other suspects who have since been identified but are still at large but remain on police radar.