Mtwapa residents accuse Police of harassing them over land


Residents of Majengo Kanamai in Kilifi County have lodged complaints over police harassment and illegal arrests.

Speaking in Mtwapa, they accuse police officers from the station of colluding with a land grabber to distress them.

According to the residents, their husbands spend sleepless nights fearing police harassment that usually arrest them following the whims of the developer.

“They  often  arrest our husbands charge them but cases do not proceed because they receive money from private developer to do so”, said Sudi Maneno one of the residents.

Further, the residents also complained of sexual harassment by the officers when carrying out the arrests.

“They break into our homes and sexually harass us and we have nowhere to report  as they are the same officers we meet at the station”, Maneno said.

On his part Mohamood Salim said on wednesday one of them Baraka Saramba Tsulu was arrested  tortured and sustained injuries from police before he was arraigned in  Shanzu law courts.

” One of us was arrested and he sustained injuries from police, we are here for his case”, he added.

He has been charged and released on a bond of  KES 200,000 or a cash bail of  KES 80,000 that we can not manage to raise,” said Salim.

The residents called upon the leaders in Kilifi county to intervene over the disputed land ownership.

The piece of land is said to belong to Eliud Timothy Mwamungu now deceased but it is administered under Samuel Maeza Mwamungu.

According to the charge sheet, Saramba Tsulu together with others presented in court were jointly found in possession of a parcel of land C.R.NO 314973 at Kalamai area in Kilifi south sub county in Kilifi between 2014 and 2023.

The accused denied the charges before magistrate Joe Omido and was freed on bound of ksh 200,000 or a cash bail of KES 80,000.