Future capitations will be disbursed in time, says Education CS

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu./COURTESY


The government is working to ensure future capitations are disbursed to schools in time.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu affirmed the ministry’s commitment to tackle the challenge of delayed capitation disbursement.

Addressing the heads of school during the 46th Annual National Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA), Conference in Mombasa, Machogu assured that they are working diligently to streamline the disbursement systems by employing advanced technologies and automated processes to expedite the flow of funds

 “From this year onwards, capitation will be disbursed in the ratio of 50:30:20, for the first, second, and third terms respectively,” Machogu said.

He directed the Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) to collaborate with the Ministry of Education, Teachers Service Commission, Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA), and Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association (KEPSHA) to hasten the capacity building of the Boards of Management (BoMs) for all schools to enhance governance and accountability in schools.

The CS urged the heads of schools to align their professional duties to the National Values and Principles of Governance as espoused in Article 10 of the Constitution. Adding that they will continue to seal the gaps that exist in the policy for effective utilization of limited resources disbursed to schools.

“All principals must familiarize themselves with the Public Finance Management Act 2012 and the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 so as to overcome the weak links in resource utilization in our schools,” said CS Machogu.

To seal national exam malpractices loopholes, Machogu said the government will eradicate early exposure of examination papers by reviewing the collection procedures of examination materials. According to Machogu the review will tighten the noose on the offenders who keep mutating their cheating practices.

“To effectively implement the reviewed procedures, the Ministry shall increase the number of containers in the expansive counties so as to realize sound management and control of examination materials going forward,” he said.

He applauded the principals for their sound management of the national examinations, saying it has reduced greatly exam cheating cases in the national exams.

 “Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of education in Kenya requires a collective effort. As school principals, you have the tenacity to drive change and shape the future of our nation,” he said The education sector had the highest share of the National Government’s 2023/2024 budget with sh.628.6 billion. It is an increase from the sh.544.4 billion that was allocated to the sector in the last Financial Year.