Pastor Ezekiel to spend two more nights in custody


New Life Prayer Center and Church Pastor Ezekiel Odero is set to spend two more nights in jail.

The pastor who was arraigned at Shanzu law courts on Tuesday, will spend two more nights at Port Police to allow detectives to finalize investigations linking him to the Shakahola killings.

Pastor Ezekiel Ombok Odero was arrested on Thursday 27th April on allegations of deaths that have been occurring at his church premises.

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Speaking to the media outside Shanzu law courts, Pastor Ezekiel’s lawyers led by Lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Danstan Omari called on anyone who has a relative that had been taken to Shakahola by the pastor to come forward.

“Allegations have been put that the pastor is involved in taking bodies to Shakahola. I am appealing to all Kenyans who have ever come to the church, who have ever brought a patient who has died and was taken to Shakahola to go to the nearest police station and give the evidence,” said Lawyer Danstan Omari.

“There is nobody, so we are appealing to over five million followers of the church, anybody, even one who has evidence, do not be shy, go to any police station in Kenya and record a statement because we know there is nothing like that that has ever happened and we hope that the court will release the pastor,” he added.

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Omari also called for the re-opening of Pastor Ezekiel’s church to allow the congregation to have a place of worship.

The church was shut down on Thursday following Pastor Ezekiel’s arrest.

Meanwhile, a group of Pastor Ezekiel’s followers converged outside Shanzu Law courts to pray for the pastor.

His family, led by his father James Odero was also present at the courts where Ezekiel was arraigned.

“When officers come and say that they are looking for 30 days so that they are able to investigate and until now they are doing nothing, then it is a high time where members of the public, anybody who had a complaint to come forward and bring it,” said Pastor Ezekiel’s Lawyer Cliff Ombeta.