PHOTOS: Ex-MP Masoud Mwahima laid to rest in Likoni

Mourners carry the casket of ex-Likoni MP Masoud Mwahima PHOTO HILLARY MAKOKHA

Ex Likoni MP Masoud Mwahima was on Tuesday laid to rest at the Vyemani cemetery in Likoni.

Mwahima succumbed to Asthma complications in the wee hours of Monday.

Mourners led by Likoni MP Mishi Mboko condoled with the family at Mwahima’s house in Vyemani area where prayers were held.

According to the Kenya Redcross Mombasa chair Mahmoud Noor, the late Mwahima had on Monday visited Absa bank along Nkurumah road where he looked frail.

Mwahima’s body leaves his house in Likoni PHOTO HILLARY MAKOKHA

President Uhuru Kenyatta eulogized the late ex-MP as a hardworking man who put the interests of the Likoni people first.

“Mzee Mwahima was an approachable, witty and, visionary elder and leader who offered wise counsel and outstanding service to the people of Mombasa especially his Likoni Constituency for decades. As a politician, Mzee Mwahima was a strong champion for community development projects, a trait that enabled him to rise through Mombasa politics having served as a Councilor, Mayor of Mombasa, and MP for Likoni Constituency for two terms,” the President eulogized.

Mourners seated in his compound in Likoni PHOTO HILLARY MAKOKHA

According to Mwahima’s son Mohamed Mwahima, the late ex-MP had visited the blue room restaurant on Monday a few hours before the asthma attack that claimed his life.

“ His condition deteriorated and when we wanted to take him to hospital, we found that he had left us,” Mohamed said.