#FBF:The day Tanzanian songbird Shilole said she is okay being battered

Tanzanian singer Shilole after being battered PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian songbird Zena Yusuf Mohamed alias Shilole Kiuno has been trending over the past few days.

This is after she announced that her two-year-old marriage to mechanic and garage owner Uchebe had ended over domestic violence.

While making the announcement, Shilole apologized to her fans for making them believe that her marriage was all bliss while in fact, she was being battered by the former bodyguard.

However last year, Shiole had told a Tanzanian TV presenter that she had no problem being battered if she wrongs her husband.

Appearing on EATV’s Kikaangoni show in October,Shilole confessed that Uchebe would beat her following a domestic tiff but she did have a problem with it.

“ I enjoy it when my husband beats me if you are wrong why should you not be battered, Though there is romantic battering too,” Shilole said.

To which the presenter asked if Uchebe had battered her and she answered in the affirmative.

“ It happens whenever we have a normal domestic tiff, my husband is short-tempered and I like speaking too much whenever am angry” Shilole added.

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Though domestic violence should never be encouraged, it is not yet clear when the battering started.

Celebrities including Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and billionaire Mo Dewji sent words of encouragement to  Shilole following the incident

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Shilole’s ex, fellow singer Nuh Mziwanda also expressed shock that his ex was being battered in her marriage.

“ I didn’t want to speak about this issue but speaking like a father, I would not be happy when a man batters my daughter. It’s not fine and should not be encouraged” Mziwanda said.

Mziwanda also denied reports that Shilole was battering him in their relationship despite a video having surfaced in 2014 showing Shilole slapping him at a night club in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam.