Kenyan couple touring the world on motorbikes cancels trip halfway

Dos and Wamuyu fly the Kenyan flag in Antartica PHOTO COURTESY

A Kenyan couple that set to tour the world on their motorbikes have canceled their trip and announced that they would be returning back to Kenya, more than two years since they set off.

Wamuyu and Dos Kariuki, the founders of Throttle adventures set out to tour the World in July 2018 and became the first African couple to tour Antarctica.

However, with the travel complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple has announced that they would be returning home.

In a post on Instagram, the couple said they had been planning their return for three months.

“We never were prepared for this return and so it has come with its challenges but God has been faithful to us. While we had two years to plan a departure which was in the comfort of our home, we have had only 3 months to plan the return from a foreign country. Planning to leave for long travel and planning the return home is equally quite some work. COVID-19 made this a little more work but we are happy to say, we are coming home. Things have fallen in to place at the right time and we can only give glory to God.See you soon.” The couple said on Thursday.

The couple had announced that they would be cutting short their trip in March and have been held up in Nicaragua after the Latin American country closed her border two days after they arrived in the country from Costa Rica.

“We have been locked in Nicaragua for the last week. Our short visa validity, security concerns, and heightened travel restrictions in the region are making it difficult for us to plan/continue with our travel. Borders started closing two days after we entered Nicaragua. Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala closed for all nationalities. We have been monitoring the new developments and nothing seems to be changing especially with massive flight cancellations and government directives to close hotels/hostels.As of now: We are now looking for logistics to ship the bikes and then look for flight tickets back home to Kenya.” The couple wrote in March.

The couple who are avid bikers set out on the journey, three months after they tied the knot.

However, they had been planning the trip since 2016.

“We want to explore the world with our own eyes, make our own experiences and enjoy foreign countries, cultures and traditions.  We also want to tell the story of our beloved country Kenya to the world.  We want people to hear the story of Kenya from Kenyans.   For this reason, we are going to quit our jobs, we are selling our belongings and saying goodbye to our families and friends for 3 years starting 2nd July 2018.” The couple said a few months before they began their expedition through Southern part of Africa before heading to Antarctica and finally South America.