Nuh Mziwanda’s marriage hits rock bottom

Nuh Mziwanda and his wife during happier times PHOTO COURTESY

Reports from Tanzania indicate that Bongo singer Nuh Mziwanda has separated with his wife who is also the mother of their child Nawal.

Both Nawal and Nuh have confirmed to various Tanzanian media outlets that they have gone separate ways.

Nawal who spoke to clouds fm hinted that religious differences could be the prime cause of the split on their marriage of less than 9 months adding that she had moved on.

“Nuh wakati anaamua kurudi kwenye dini yake (Ukristo) hakunishirikisha  kwa chochote na mimi sasa hivi nipo kwa bibi yangu Msasani, pia nimesha olewa na mtu mwingine,”

(Nuh decided to go back to his former religion without consulting me.Currently i am living with my grandmother in Msasani and I have already moved on) Nawal said.

Nawal further accused Nuh of neglecting a child they sired together.

Rumors about their separation starting circulating on Sunday after Nuh was spotted  attending a church  service the Tanzanian capital in Dares Salaam .

Nuh confirmed that he had indeed they had gone separate ways and he had converted back to Christianity.

“Nimerudi kwa Mungu wangu ili mambo yangu yaende vizuri maana tunafanya muziki wa dunia anatusamehe ila kurudi kwake pia ni jambo la kawaida sana,” (I want my life to be smooth that’s why I decided to go back to God .He forgives us when we sing secular music  so going back to God is something normal) Mziwanda said.

Before marrying to Nawal, Nuh Mziwanda date Bongo actress and songstress Shilole Kiuno.