Tanzanian artiste warns men to keep off Shilole Kiuno


Few days after controversial Tanzanian songstress Shilole Kiuno got married to a Tanzanian Mc Uchebe in a lavish wedding in the Tanzanian capital Dares Salaam, Shilole’s fellow artiste has warned other artistes who had any relationships with Shilole to keep off her since she is already a married woman.

Baba Levo who is a friend to the couple warned men specifically directing his remarks to fellow artistes Nedy Music and with Nuh Mziwanda both who have been romantically linked to Shilole in the past.

Baba Levo warned the artistes that Uchebe would deal with them should they interefere in the newly married couple’s union.

Levo did not leave without a word of advice for the controversial Shilole who in the past made headlines severally over having love affairs with younger men.

“Na kuanzia sasa hivi shiloleh naomba utulie na kumuheshimu mume wako ambae umeamua kuanza nae maisha , na kwa hiki kinachotokea sasa hivi naomba nedy music na nuh mziwanda muache kumfatilia shiloleh uchebe amekomaa atatupiga makofi, atawapiga makofi na biashara inaishia hapo
(I hope that from now onwards you will respect and settle with your husband who you are starting a new chapter of your life with,I am also kindly requesting Nuh Mziwanda and Nedy music to keep off Shiloleh as Uchebe is no joker and is capable of fighting anyone)” Levo was quoted saying.

Shilole has in past interviews revealed that her former flame Nuh Mziwanda was still pursuing her knowing too well she was engaged to Uchebe.

However a section of her fans feel that Uchebe could be too rigid for her owing to his strict nature.