Kenyans furious at government’s handling of Coronavirus

Foreign affairs CS Rachelle Omamo who has said that 30 Kenyans have succumbed to COVID-19 in the diaspora PHOTO COURTESY

Angry citizens have taken to social media to castigate the government over the manner in which it is handling the deadly coronavirus outbreak, that has so far killed nearly 3,000 in China and spread to several other countries worldwide.

The fury followed a decision to allow a plane carrying 239 passengers from China to land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Wednesday, a move Kenyans have described as irresponsible and exposing Kenya to the deadly virus.

The decision was labeled as double standards, with questions on why the government had declined to evacuate stranded Kenyan students from China, but continued to allow the Chinese to enter the country.

Through the hashtag #UhuruMustGo and #coronavirusInkenya, Kenyans on social media accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government of carelessness and compromising the safety of citizens.

“Our life matters, if Corona Virus is reported in this country, most of our leaders will book flights to other safe countries which have barred China and it’s citizens from their borders, we will be left to die,” said one citizen on twitter.

“Just imagine the frustration of being a Kenyan, locusts have feasted on your crops and your government has decided to import Corona Virus,” posted another.

Others challenged the president to emulate heads of state who had taken tough measures to protect their citizens.

“Trump is protecting Americans, why can’t Uhuru Kenyatta protect Kenyans,” said one Kenyan on Facebook, referring to US’ decision to tighten scrutiny at its borders and stop flights from China.

On Thursday, Nigeria became the first country in Africa to report a confirmed case of Coronavirus infection in a patient while on Friday, the South African ministry of health said that two of its citizens working in Coronavirus hit Diamond Princess cruise ship currently quarantined in Japan had been infected.

Countries across the globe have been putting up measures to prevent either the entry or spread of the virus.

Foreign Affairs Cabinet secretary Raychelle Omamo was on Thursday hard-pressed to explain to members of parliament the government measures and response to the virus outbreak.   

Countries that have reported multiple Corona Virus infections so far include the US, Britain, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Australia, and Malaysia among others.