New twist as DNA accuses DJ Pinye of messing Elani’s career


While Khaligraph Jones maintained that he is past the age of dissing DNA could not take any of that and has dropped a diss track directed to DJ Pinye.

The track dubbed (Hawa wasee) terms the legendary DJ as an evil man who messed the career of musical group Elani .

DNA further accuses DJ Pinye as a man who has failed in life because of his arrogance.

Trouble came knocking at DJ Pinye door after he stated in a local radio interview that he does not play mediocre music in his shows and gigs.

According to DJ Pinye music such as Ethic’s “Lamba Lolo” and “Change position” featuring Kansoul are “mediocre music” that he cannot play leave alone find it way in his playlist.

Pinye further stated that he never used to play some of Khaligraph Jones and DNA’s music until recently where their music has changed as they grow in the industry.

In his reply, Khaligraph stated that Pinye was luck he was past the dissing league.

“According to Dj pinye, I used to make mediocre Music so he couldn’t play my mediocre music on his TV show, buda Ukona Bahati siku izi nimekua mpole kiasi na nina ka Heshima flani otherwise disstrack ingekua ishatembea sai watu wana sing along mbaya sana , mazishi ni ile ile, #respecttheogs #Khalicartel2,” Khaligraph had said.

While Khaligraph has some “respect”  DNA already  has a dis track in response to DJ Pinye’s remarks.

(You lucky I have cooled down and got some respect otherwise a diss track could be ready with people singing along)

Neither Elani nor DJ Pinye have responded to the remarks.