Pday is just misunderstood, says Chapatizo


Coast Musician and producer Chapatizo has come out to defend fellow artist Pday Hurrikane following online criticism regarding his recent performance during the KilifiFest show.

Speaking on Pozi 254 the outspoken singer said art is complicated and one has to have a good eye and ear to understand the art of music. He explained even Tanzanian musician Mbosso who headlined the end-of-year event used Diamond’s song on stage.

He said “Pday is more of a corporate artist; apart from performing on normal shows, he performs in hotels and churches and has that background because of his late father. He is a big artist with enormous talent and those who don’t understand his music are kids”.

Pday, whose real name is Peter Siku, was criticized for using Dr. Ipyana’s ‘Niseme Nini’ during his performance that night and was faulted for not connecting with the big crowd that showed up.

However, Chapatizo aka Juma Kombo Ramadhan has come to his defense stating it was just the wrong crowd for his performance that day.

The ‘Kamua Leo’ hitmaker further weighed on the issue involving female artist Adasa, who had complained about a male artist who was bragging about making her a star and in turn closed the business doors for her.

Chapatizo said “Of course the man in question is Pday, his name has been linked to this story for a long but I sat with both of them in an interview and Adasa acknowledged Pday’s aid in her music career. Maybe you know if you keep on saying it every time that you help someone it becomes pride and maybe that’s where Pday went wrong”.

The two artists collaborated on the ‘Safari Machero’ song in 2018.

Pday seems to answer his critics with a song featuring Reagan Dandy and Tricks HR called ‘Big Steps’ but Chapatizo has some insights on the recent woes his counterpart is facing saying he sees himself as a big artist.