Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael released from prison

Tanzanian actress Lulu Elizabeth Michael PHOTO FILE

Tanzanian Actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael has been released from prison Tanzanian Authorities said on Monday.

According to the Tanzania prison’s spokesperson, Lucas Mboje Lulu will serve a non custodial sentence for the remaining 18 months.

“Lulu has reformed and she was released on Saturday morning .But that does not mean that she has been set free, It just that she has reformed and she will serve her remaining sentence away from prison .Technically that’s what we call community service” Mboje told Tanzania’s Mwanachi newspapers.

Mboje further said that Lulu had been released on orders of the Tanzanian high court.

Lulu has been in prison since November 2016 after the high court in Dares Salam found her guilty of manslaughter causing the death of Legendary Tanzanian actor Stephen Kanumba in April 2012.

The court had heard that Lulu and the deceased were lovers and Kanumba had collapsed after a fight with Lulu.

Lulu had spent an year in remand before being released on bail in April 2013.

In 2016, Lulu made headlines after gospel singer Kelvin Bahati Kioko publicly revealed that he was interested in dating the actress.

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has celebrated the release of Lulu with a post on social media captioned “ Welcome back baby”.

Lulu is currently dating Tanzanian media mogul E Majizzo.