Services resume at Lamu hospitals


Lamu, KENYA: Services have resumed at the Lamu County Hospital King Fahad hospital following weeks of massive power outages that immensely paralyzed some major services.

Patients at the King Fahad and Mpeketoni hospitals bore the most brunt of the outages which caused them untold suffering.

Dispensaries were also affected.

Over 200 patients seeking x-ray services at the two hospitals were turned away last week since there was no electricity to run the machines.

Five patients admitted at the ICU at the King Fahad hospital last week narrowly escaped death after a generator that had been powering the section went off, forcing the management to scamper for fuel.

Babies at the facility’s incubators also survived the power cuts which the hospital termed fatal if uncontrolled.

However speaking on Monday,Lamu County hospital administrator Bill Jumlai said all services had now resumed.

He said both Mpeketoni and Lamu hospital which had been adversely affected by the power cuts had all resumed offering the services that had been initially been paralyzed due to the power cuts.

Jumlai said they had received communication from the KPLC that the situation had fully been rectified.

Despite the presence of generators in the affected hospitals,x-rays and other similar services were unavailable since they (generators) couldn’t supply the enormous amount of power required to run them.

“It has been a challenge running some services at these hospitals but we are glad they are back now.Now patients who couldn’t access like x-ray services last week can now come and be attended to ,”said Jumlai.

According to a statement from the KPLC Lamu,the power cuts were caused in part by the heavy rains that were being experienced causing flooding in the Sabaki Basin and Tana River county, damaging sections of the distribution and transmission networks serving the area..