42-yr-old Kilifi street man seeks reunion with family

Mohamed Juma, during the interview under the Mnarani bridge in Kilifi town. He seeks to reunite with his family. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: A forty-two-year-old man is seeking to reunite with his family after separating from them years ago in Bombolulu, Mombasa County.

Mohamed Juma, during an interview with Baraka FM on Monday, said he has been living under then Kilifi-Mnarani Bridge for the past fourteen years ever since he relocated from Malindi where he had already lived for many years.

He said he cannot remember at what age he left Bombolulu, but he remembers his family members are still alive and that he would like to reunite with them once more.

“For sure I cannot even remember at what age I left Bombolulu,  but all I can remember is that I left Bombolulu at a very young age,” he said.

“By the time I left Mombasa, I had become a street boy and I could not think of returning to my normal life. My mother was alone after separating with my father and she could not manage to bring me up. That’s when I decided to face the world on my own and left for Kilifi County when I was very young,” Juma said.

He said he has been living in jeopardy as he has no job, Identification Card and shelter.

He has been living under the bridge where he has been battling mosquitoes and cooking on used paint cans, sleeping on sacks and bracing the cold at night; him being close to the ocean.

“Life has been very difficult here for all those years,” Juma told Baraka FM as tears ran down his cheeks with his mouth trembling in pain.

“I am looking forward to getting reunited with my family, I am not a bad person, I miss the love of my mother and other family members,” he added.

Seif Amani Kibwana, a security officer at the bridge said he decided to host Juma after realizing he was not a bad person.

“I saw him coming up the bridge from down there, so I interrogated him and learned that he was passing through tough times so I decided to assist him,” Kibwana said.

“According to him, his family is alive and he told me to give out a phone number which would help him find his family. The number is 0728 288 283, kindly come for him if you happen to be his family member,” he said.