PHOTOS: Aslay, Timmy Tdat, Otile Brown bring down the house during Burudani Diani Festival


Loyal fans of Baraka FM came out in large numbers to mark this year’s Burudani Diani festival which went down at Diani showground in Kwale county on Monday night.

The turn up at the night of pure music and uninterrupted fun at the BurudaniDiani festival this year was a huge deal, Baraka FM being the official media host of the event, fans came out in masses to meet their favorite radio hosts alongside their celebrated musicians of all time.

From all the corners, crowds would be seen enjoying their night as they sang along to every song that was played,the dancers and the dance masters would not be left behind as they practiced and taught their expertise.

This night would later be brought to the epitome with electrifying performances from kasabun’s finest Timmy Tdat, Mombasa’s self-made Chris brown-Otile Brown and Tanzanian bongo sensations Shetta and Aslay.

As music die-hards took over the stage with their lip-synching techniques, shisha lovers also had a night of their own as they formed a small circle around the stadium.

From Italian natives to Kenyan wannabe ‘slay queens’, the fest attracted both internal and external tourists who had visited the coast for holiday, without forgetting the coast residents.

The event was courtesy of Bidi Badu entertainment in collaboration with Baraka FM.

Artistes and Mc’s who took part in the event include:

1.The Famous Lesh and Mc Nelly.

The hype these guys gave the crowd was enough to make the event go for two days uninterrupted.Mc Nelly would be crowned as the Mc of the night as he made sure everybody who paid for the fest felt at home without the need for confirmation.

2.Baraka FM’s  Vj Chris,Dj bones and Dj Mafioso.

Playing all genres from hip-hop to rhumba, the playlist was well balanced and the crowd gave the Dj’s a positive feedback as they could be seen singing and dancing along to the tunes.

3. Otile brown.

Right from his grand entry when he got on stage, for sure he didn’t disappoint.

From his hit jam Niseme nawe to the mega track Kistaarabu, his fans would not get enough of him

4. Timmy Tdat

Kasabun’s finest Timmy Tdat when he took the stage as always, he teased one of the fans and that made the whole crowd burst into laughter.

Starting his playlist was his hit song with Otile Brown Wembe which made the crowds go all gaga.

Timmy to those who know him, simply gives you 15 minutes of performance then jets off the stage like its no one’s business, but this time it didn’t happen.He left the stage at a point when his fans had enough of him.

5.Final act; Shetta, famously known as Baba Kaila and Aslay.

The two being the main artists of the night, really gave their best.

According to the fans, the 8 hours wait was worth depending on the performance that they gave their audience.Aslay’s emotions got the best of him when he performed Shemeji, Pusha and Angekuona which made the female fans go wild.