Drama as lorry looses control in Nairobi CBD causing damage

The lorry which belongs to Pascho Milk processing company. It lost control in the CBD causing damage. PHOTO: MICHAEL MBUGUA.

Nairobi, KENYA: Drama unfolded at Nairobi city centre when a lorry lost control and ended up hitting support road grills causing a traffic snarl up.

The lorry which belongs to Pascho Milk processing company according to how it was branded, lost control on Tuesday after the driver had a confrontation with a traffic city inspectorate officer who was inside it.

According to the driver of the lorry who did not want his name to be disclosed, the cause of the accident was influenced by the demanding city officer whom he claims was struggling with him in trying to control the steering wheel while on the move.

“We could not agree with the officer on which direction to take because I am new in Nairobi and I don’t know directions. He could have just shown me the way instead of pulling the steering that later caused the accident.” Said the driver.

On the contrary, the officer claimed that the driver was busy trying to escape, and he had to force him to head towards city hall as he had broken traffic rule.

“I did not struggle with the driver for no reason; he was busy trying to escape after finding him to have committed a traffic offense.” Said the officer.

The driver later maintained he will not move the lorry from the accident scene until his boss arrives and settles the matter with the police.

The accident was a minor one as no injuries were reported or vehicles nearby damaged.