Human rights lobby calls for speedy investigations over Msando’s death

Kenya Human Rights Commission. Kenya Human Rights Commission Executive Director George Kegoro .PHOTO: COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: The Kenya Human Right Commission (KHRC) has urged the government to expedite the investigations on the death of the late IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, KHRC director George Kegoro said that the government has been so quiet over Musando’s death which has manifested tension among Kenyans in the country.

“The government has been so silent over this matter which needs a lot of attention,” said Kegoro.

He further said that his death has reduced IEBC’s confidence of carrying a credible election since its security has been jeopardized by threats ever since it took office.

However, he asked IEBC officials to remain steadfast towards delivery a free and transparent election as Kenyans hopes are still on them.

This comes barely a day after IEBC manager of ICT   Chris Musando was found dead following his disappearance of two days.

His body is a waiting a postmortem that will determine the course of his death.

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