Likoni NHC tenants up in arms over eviction

One of the dilapidated NHC houses in Likoni PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:Tenants living housing and corporation houses in Likoni,Mombasa county  have protested the move by the management to  evict them for developments.

More than ten families living in the eight houses will be affected by the move.

The affected tenants occupy the units L41, L42, L43 and L44 respectively.

Likoni assistant county commissioner’s office and chiefs  office is among the said  eight houses but it is not clear if the letter issued will affect the two offices.

In a letter dated 26 May 2017,the NHC  states that it appreciates the  current developments on site and it needs to put up more units and therefore redevelopment plans are underway.

The letter was  signed by A.W Saruni (MRS).

“As part of fulfilling our mandate of “housing the nation, “the estate has been redesigned to befit the highest and and best use. Preparations to redevelop the site are therefore at an advanced stage, “reads part of the letter.

According  to the tenants living the rental houses some businessmen were behind their eviction in ordered to benefit from the houses which they have lived for more  than 20 yrs.

They were issued with two month notice to vacate the said houses in ordered to pave way for redevelopment.

One of the tenants Joel Kiilu who has now redeveloped  the said house and opened up  business stalls  said he took loan of   sh 3 million from different banks which  he  used  in the business after he was given go ahead  by the management to extend business stalls.

“I used to pay sh 2,500 monthly for the house but because it was near the main road, I extended more stalls after I was approved by the NHC officials but the rental monthly pay was increased to 23,500,”said Mr Kiilu.

The affected tenants through legal based organization Kituo cha Sheria asked the NHC to settle the matter within 14 days from  4th July 2017.

It warned that the matter can be resolved without legal action but should NHC fail to cooperate they will take legal action.

“Should you fail to cooperate we shall be left with no option but to seek legal redress against yourselves at your  own risk as to costs,Incidentials interests there on,”states the letter.

They say they are living in fear now since they do not know when the management might try to evict them as the notice issued elapses Thursday last week.