Shahbal urges county government to account for funds

Jubilee Mombasa governor hopeful Suleiman Shahbal with his running mate Ananiah Mwaboza at a past function. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa,KENYA:Mombasa gubernatorial aspirant on Jubilee ticket Suleiman Shahbal has accused the county government of Mombasa of misusing public resources allocated to them by the Central Government.

Speaking to hundreds of women during a Coast Women Forum at Baluchi Hall in Mombasa on Friday Suleiman Shahbal claimed that the county government has failed to account for the forty billion kitty from the central government.

Shahbal added that Mombasa County which used to lead other counties in terms of development has now been tailing from the bottom since the county government took office.

“The county government has failed to account for the forty billion shillings allocated to this county. Previously, this county used to perform so well, but surprisingly since the county government office everything has changed. Mombasa is leading from the bottom.” Shahbal explained.

He insisted that he is not ready to see the county depreciate economically and promised to bring the necessary changes if voted in as the next county boss.

He Shahbal outlined that he has great plans for the county including building of a free economic zone where and foreign investors will invest and hence create thousands of jobs to our jobless youth. There are over 200 companies that have shown an interest in investing into the county.

“I am determined to change the economy of the county by starting a free economic zone where foreign investors will invest with an aim of boosting the economy of the county. Already there are over 200 companies who are interested in investing within the county.” He said.

Shahbal who lost out to Joho in the 2013 elections, has been an ardent critic of the Joho administration while in March 2017, Tifa, a pollster (Trends and Insights For Africa) showed his rival (Joho) with a 68 per cent popularity rating.

The pollster showed Suleiman Shahbal trailing governor Joho at 15 per cent of the 550 people polled between March 16 and 18.