Government to increase budgetary allocation for family planning


Nairobi,KENYA:The government has promised to increase budgetary allocation for family planning.

Speaking during world population day celebrations in Nairobi on Tuesday, the state Department of planning and Statistics, principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera, in a speech read by Joseph Mukui from the ministry, said that there is an urgent need of increasing family planning budgetary funds that will facilitate additional family planning methods in order to control the rate of birth in the country.

The PS said that women need to be empowered towards the usage of family planning so as to have a sustainable family that is healthy and able to access minimal resources in the country.

“We need to raise public awareness to all women in the country regarding family planning, by so doing; we will be controlling the population   and become easier to achieve sustainable development.” Said  Nyakera.

He also added that, for Kenya to achieve its goals, women need to use such methods effectively thus  having  an intended birth and  a reduction in the rate of abortion cases reported every month across the country.

She believes that lack of access to information and support from the community on the usage family planning methods, has lead to the high rates of  child mortality in the country.

World population day is celebrated 11th of July every year.

The 2017 theme is Family Planning: empowering people, developing nations.