Lamu residents threaten to vote out all incumbents

Lamu residents protest against the proposed coal firm in the past PHOTO COURTESY

Lamu,KENYA:Lamu residents have threatened to vote all the incumbents out in the forthcoming general election if they will not give their stand concerning the establishment of a Sh 200 billion coal-fired power plant in the region.

The residents have complained that almost all the leaders in Lamu are silent on the matter and have left the entire battle to the Lamu Women Rep Ms Shakila Abdalla who is the only the politician who has been vocal and at the forefront in campaigning for a stop of the project due to its hazardous nature both to the residents’ health and the environment.

They wondered how the entire county leadership would remain mum over such a sensitive issue and warned that they risk being voted out at the ballot since their silence equates to their being in support of the project.

The project proposed site is at Kwasasi in Hindi,Lamu west.

Activists in the county have also been vocal in voicing their opposition of the project which they argue portends more harm to people of Lamu than good.

Speaking to journalists in Lamu on Wednesday,locals said they were tired of leaders who could not stand up for the rights of the commoners and who can easily be bought by people interested in destroying the future of the county.

They warned new political candidates who are seeking votes that they will only be considered if they are in opposition of the project being established and that silence wasn’t a safer option for any candidate.

“A leader is supposed to seek out good things for his people.He must make his plans known to his people so as to attract their support.Here in Lamu leaders are quite over the coal plant and we know its because most have been paid off for their silence.But not to worry,the general elections are high and that’s when they will know we have had our eyes on them all along.even the new entrants aren’t safe either,you must speak and let us know whether or not you support the project,then we will decide,”said Omar Yusuf.

They wondered why the governor Issa Timamy,senator Abu Chiaba,MPs Julius Ndegwa (Lamu West),Athman Shariff (Lamu East) and MCAs were quite on the matter,a move they said had angered them.