Transporters record a boom as schools reopen


Mombasa,KENYA: Bus  companies in Mombasa have recorded a boom in the sector in this period when students are going back to school after the April holidays.

Speaking to Baraka fm on Tuesday, Alfred Omolo the director of Mombasa Ways Limited said the boom this year has been due to the Labour Day celebrations which have come just before schools reopen.

“Normally every year we record a high number of travelers thus making our business boom. The booming business has been coupled by the Labour Day celebrations that have come at the same time with the back to school moment in the country.” Omolo remarked.

He applauded the National Transport and Safety Authority for streamlining the transport sector and further outlined that it has greatly reduced the number of road accidents in the country.

On the other hand, Driver Kamau, a Dreamline Express driver said that over the past few years the transport sector has been going  through major changes that included the use of alcoblow to identify drunk drivers a situation he said has helped reduce road carnage caused by drunken driving.

“The sector has gone through major changes including among others the introduction of the use of the alcoblow.” He said.

Abigael Nema, a Ribe Girls High school student said she had to wait for long  hours  to get a matatu plying the Kaloleni route.

She added that the fares had  hiked to a range of  sh 200 to sh 250 unlike normal days when they pay sh 100 for the same distance.

“I  arrived her very early in the morning and  i am  afraid I have not secured a seat sor far. They are charging us sh 200 to sh 250 The student lamented.

However she urged bus owners to reduce the fares taking into consideration that they are students who depend on their parents for their pocket money.