Italian drug fugitive to be extradited

Italian Leone Fulvio in a Mombasa court in September 2016 PHOTO FILE

Mombasa, KENYA:An Italian man who has been fighting extradition proceedings in a Mombasa court is  to be deported  alongside two other Italian nationals.This is according to the Regional police boss Philip Tuimur who said that the foreigners would be deported so as to send a strong warning to criminals seeking refuge in the country.

Leon Aberto Fulvio is set to be extradited to Italy to serve an 8 year old sentence after he was convicted in Absentia in 1993 in  Genoa Italy.He was convicted on 22nd of June 1992 in an Italy court before he flew in the country in 1993 and he has been hiding in the Country for over 24 years

Fulvio was arrested in September in Mombasa and he has been fighting extradition proceedings before he was released on a bond of Sh.500, 000.

The other Italians set to be extradited alongside Fulvio  are Mario Mele and Stefano Poll who are criminals wanted by the Interpol police for drug trafficking related offences.

The suspects were arrested in an operation headed by head of the anti-narcotics unit Hamis Massa in Mombasa on Friday.Three kilograms of heroin worth over Sh.10 million was alleged to be recovered.

Witnesses who did not want to be mentioned said that they had seen Mr Fulvio in the company  a Kenyan identified as Bosire Nyaigoti engaging in a suspicious activity in Shanzu on Wednesday at around Midday.

The suspects were alleged also to be in possession of two pistols with 25 bullets, two  white Toyota motor vehicles suspected to be used to smuggle the drugs, Sh2.5 million cash in US dollars, Euros and Kenya shillings were also seized.

The Kenyan government has vowed to step up the war against drugs in the Coastal region.In January,two sons of slain drug baron Ibrahim Akasha,an Indian Vicky Goswami and a Pakistan nation Hussein Gulam were extradited to US to face drug trafficking charges.