Beef Alert: Harmonize VS Wema sepetu’s exboyfriend


Wasafi records singer  Harmonize and  Wema Sepetu’s ex boyfriend are beefing!!

It all started when Idris Sultan the ex to Diamond Platinumz’s former flame Wema Sepetu, threw shade on Harmonize claiming that one of his biggest fans Harmorapa who also happens to be a rapper was doing better than him.

“Ogopa rapa wako anapo kiki kuliko wewe. Inabidi mbadilishane wewe ndo uwe rapa.”

(You should be feeling threatened when your rapper (Harmorapa) is trending more than you are .You should consider trading places with him.)

Wema Sepetu's exboyfriend Idris Sultan PHOTO COURTESY
Wema Sepetu’s exboyfriend Idris Sultan

Harmonize who did not take it lightly hit back at Idris Sultan calling him a broke man who despite winning millions in the Big brother hotshots show  was cohabiting with a fellow man.

“Nasikia unalala Mbezi kwa mwanaume mwenzio daa huruma. Kwani ulishindaga shilingi ngapi South…??? Mbaya zaidi nasikia unamarinda.” Harmonize wrote on twitter

(It’s a pity i  hear that you are cohabiting with a man in Mbezi,How much money did you get in South Africa? worse still I hear you now wear skirts)

Wasafi records singer Harmonize PHOTO COURTESY
Wasafi records singer Harmonize PHOTO COURTESY

Idris Sultan the hit back at Harmonize posting a photo of himself saying that it was not in his level to fight with Harmonize.

“Acha nicheke tu, ntafanyaje sasa. Kumpiga nzi risasi ntamuonea maskini. Huyu ni makofi tu  #MarindaNimekuaSketiYaShule …. KARIBU KIUMENI”

(Let me laugh , what will I do now (sic) fighting a housefly with a bullet is unfair.He just needs to be slapped) Idris wrote.

This is not the first time Idris Sultan and Harmonize  have thrown jabs at each other on social media.In 2016 the two were at it again when Harmonize called Idris’s by then girlfriend at the time barren, just a few weeks after she had a miscarriage.

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