Lamu launches sh. 8.8 million project


Lamu, KENYA: The county government of Lamu has launched a Sh.8.8 Million water project in Kiwayu island,Lamu East.

The move is a relief for residents of the island who for over 50 years since independence have been forced to walk kilometers just to buy water with a 20 liter jerrican of the precious fluid going for Sh.50.

Speaking during the launch on Tuesday ,Lamu governor Issa Timamy said the objective is to ensure all residents have access to piped water.

Timamy noted that water was a big challenge in Lamu east and called for patient as the county made efforts to resolve the same.

“People here have never seen piped water since colonial times and am just glad that we are at a point where we can look back and say we are making strides in resolving the matter,”said Timamy.

Kiwayu village is home to over 2000 residents who have had to contend with salty water wells to survive but can now breath with relief after the fresh water project was launched.