Over 2000 Tana river residents benefit from water project

Safaricom Foundation Chairman Joseph Ogutu (in black) together with Tana River residents during the launch. PHOTO: OSCAR NYOHA.

Tana River, KENYA: Thousands of people in Morokani village in Tana River have benefited from a water project initiated in the area by well wishers.

The project funded by jointly The Safaricom Foundation, Bible Translation Literacy BTL and Hagman Jennings Family, cost  sh. 3.6 millions and is expected to benefit more than two thousands residents.

The project involves sinking bore holes at a local primary school in the village, Bura Sub County.

The solar powered borehole is expected to serve the primary school with a population of 300 children and approximately 350 households.

Speaking on Tuesday during the official handing over on ceremony of the project to the residents, Safaricom Foundation Chairman Joseph Ogutu said the initiative will help reduce the water problem in the area.

“Through this successful partnership, we have eliminated the hardship and suffering the Ilwana community has endured over many years in search of water.” Said Ogutu.

The project also has also provided a demonstration garden where the community can train on farming.

The Morokani village comprise of the Ilwana community formerly known as Malakote, which is a small people group numbering about 20,000 people, located in Tana River with their territory beginning 200 kilometers from the coast and extending northwards to Garissa for about 120 kilometers.

The Kenya National Adult Literacy Report shows that Primary school enrollment rates for boys are 11.2 percent and 6.5 percent for girls.

Secondary school enrollment rates are worse at 5.4% for boys and 2.6% for girls.

The availability of water is expected to help in the increase of school enrollment and retention rates in the area.