Kilifi county commissioner differs with Governor Kingi over title deeds legibility


Kilifi, KENYA: The national government has refuted claims by Kilifi county governor Amason Kingi that it has been delivering fake tittle deeds to the residents of Kilifi.

Kilifi county commissioner Joseph Keter, when addressing the public in Mwarakaya-Chonyi, On Friday said the claims are misleading and baseless adding that the governor should be on the forefront in making sure his people acquire title deeds in a bid to end Squatter problems.

“That’s a baseless claim by such a honorable leader who he (Amason Kingi) should be on the frontline of ensuring his people get title deeds, “said Keter.

“The national government has brought ten officers who will be carry out a verification process to the owners of land in ten ranches in the entire county and then issue 4,610 title deeds,” he added.

He said the ten officers will begin survey next week to verify some information and details concerning the locals before the issuance exercise takes place.

The schemes targeted for the title issuance are Sosobora Land Adjudication Scheme in Malindi Sub County, Kaya Dagamra, Kanagoni and Singwaya Adjudication Schemes in Magarini, Chang’ombe and Mwawesa Land Adjudication Schemes in Rabai Sub County, Mwahera A, B, C and Vitengeni Land Adjudication Schemes in Ganze Sub County.

During the  CORD leader’s visit to Kilifi, Governor Amason Kingi insisted that it would have been better for the national government to leave alone the people of Kilifi in terms of tittle deeds saying they are fake.

Kingi said his government has done a lot in terms of survey and handed over the reports to the national land commission but nothing has been done so far.

“Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s government never gave us (Kilifi Residents) tittle deeds, Daniel Moi’s government followed suite, Mwai Kibaki’s government did a little bit of giving us some tittle deeds which were genuine because of the coalition government but Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has been giving us fake tittle deeds,” reckoned Kingi.