Contractors in Lamu who fail to employ safety measures to be prosecuted


Lamu, KENYA: The county government of Lamu has warned all site owners and contractors to always employ safety measures and build according to the approved plans.

The county government has also stressed on the need for the public and any party wishing to set up a building to adhere to the regulations that guide construction in the county.

According to the county physical planning department,it’s a crime for anyone to commence construction without permission and approval from the county government.

All those found contravening the construction laws might be locked away for a period of over five years or a fine of not less than Sh.100,000.

Lamu governor Issa Timamy said his office was keen to ensure that all people observe the construction laws.

The governor has asked all contracting companies to ensure they fulfill the required regulations including stocking adequate emergency equipment to be used in case of emergencies.

“We wish to inform all that construction laws must be respected failure to which the penalties have been clearly outlined.Not less than five years in jail of a Sh.100,000 fine.we must ensure sanity in such a sensitive department,” said Timamy.

He said the move is aimed at ensuring all buildings and the general plan of the town adheres to the required standards and also ensure people stay in safe premises.