Mombasa residents urged to visit the renovated Burhani Gardens

The renovated Burhani Gardens. Mombasa County Assembly Speaker Aharoud Khatri has urged residents to visit the park./COURTESY

Mombasa residents have been encouraged to visit the newly renovated Burhani Gardens.

The gardens, located at Mombasa’s Treasury Square in Old Town, have been renovated and fitted with lighting to improve security at night.

“I managed to renovate this park with the help of friends and would like to urge everyone to visit the park. We fixed the lighting system so women can bring their children here, and we will also install swings for the children. We will also install an outdoor gym for those interested in working out,” said Mombasa County Assembly Speaker Aharub Khatri.

Khatri also said they plan to use the park to promote the coastal culture.

“I’ve spoken to my brother Hon. Abdulrahman so that we can have weekly outdoor market days where Mombasa residents can put up different things for sale, things that promote the coastal culture,” said the County Assembly Speaker.

The garden is a 100x300m botanical enclave, home to various exotic trees with a fountain right at its heart.

Burhani Garden is a good place to unwind and relax after a long day’s work.